Let me not grow old as those who are left grow old.
Let me be not crippled by infirmity both of the mind and of the body,
Let me live a healthy old age and die in good health.
Let me help those most in need.
Let one of those most needful not be me.
This I ask and this is all I ask.

Andy Fox 151017


Night Driving.

Night driving.
Old friends become unfamiliar.
Oncoming headlights leave an afterglow.
Senses scream warnings.

Empty road.
Moonlights glow guides through bends.
The satnav an aid and a warning.
Miles ease past.

Loving the feel of her.
Becoming part of the machine.
The controls a part of me
not apart from me.

A flash of light.
Somebody rising early or retiring late.
A reminder of the world without my sphere.
Of the wider world.

Chasing a dream.
Sometimes reality is too much to bear.
Taking a night drive.
Seeking only solace.

Andy Fox 131017

One day, when we are old,you will visit me.
We will talk about the times we shared.
You will tell me your lies.
I will tell you mine.
You will make promises that i expect you to break.
I will give you my word and fail to keep it.
One day when we are old and I don’t miss you.

Andy Fox 041017


I smiled at a gentle memory.
Others, far harsher, elbowed it out of the way.
I ignored them as best I could.

The cat laid on my chest reached out and touched my face.
The cat tucked into my side snored noisily.
He paused to give a contented purr then resumed snoring.

Did you notice that neither moved away from me?
Why should they?
They feel as safe with me as I once felt with you.

Sometimes I wonder why I prefer cats to people.
Mostly I don’t.
Cats hunt for pleasure.
People hurt people for fun.
Andy Fox 310817

Scattered like Dandelion seeds on the morning breeze.
My family.
Divorced from most am I.
That is how the seed survives.
They took their path and I took mine.
Our paths do not cross.
No adieu.
No wave goodbye.
They took their path.
And I took mine.

Andy Fox 190817


“I have met women like you before” I said softly.
“I have even dated them but not for long.”
“What do you mean?” she said. 
“I merely told you that you were paying the bill.”
“You are working but you did not offer to share.”
Again my words were soft.
“You have not opened your purse once.”
“It is the mans job to pay.” she said.
“And he is not a proper man if he does not.
You are paying for my company.”
I rose from my seat. “The bill is yours.” I said quietly.
“We will not meet again.
I will not pay for a whore.”

Andy Fox 140717
Semi biographical.


Sometimes, even now, I miss you.
I admit I struggle to understand why.
[Especially when I remember how many times you broke your word.]
Was I too much hard work for you?
Think of that situation reversed and maybe you
will understand a little more and condemn a little less.
Sometimes I miss your company.
Sometimes I miss your hugs.Our talks.
You broke the trust I gave you.
You have not said why.
Maybe you dare not?
And yet sometimes I still miss you.
I the fool who dared and lost
or gained myself.

Andy Fox 300617.

This applies to more than one.And yet it is written for one.